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Delicious Sharing Boards for Social Dining
Theo A. Michaels
Share is the totally new dining experience, wonderful foods and simple recipes presented directly on a surface for maximum visual appeal and designed to be devoured by a group of people.

"Theo’s new book is brilliant. What you would call a delightful sunny Mediterranean day—on a plate"—Jean-Christophe Novelli

Chef Theo Michaels has been presenting his creative food in this way to create excitement and start the conversation at large-scale events and now brings his unique vision to home entertaining. Downsized to feed 6–8 people and achievable, these themed sharing menus are perfect for modern, communal eating.

The book opens with a section featuring a simple table comprised of sourced deli-style foods to get you started, with expert pointers on how to create a visually stunning presentation. Next, each of the themed sharing menus is dedicated to one concept and features recipes as well as simple buy-ins and suggestions for aromatic and/or edible garnishes to create a feast for the eyes, senses, and taste buds. Menus include a relaxed brunch, a summer picnic, a Thanksgiving dinner, an celebration feast, treats to satisfy a sweet tooth, plus plenty for vegans and pescatarians, as well as a spread for meat lovers.

About the contributor(s):

Theo A. Michaels was born in London to a large Greek Cypriot family. Making the semi-finals of BBC TV's MasterChef in 2014 spurred him into giving up corporate life to become a chef for Elsewhere Events, creating imaginative pop-up dining experiences globally. He spent 4 years living in New Jersey as a child, returning later to live in Princeton and to date he has visited 35 of the States. Theo is based in the UK.

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