Peaches, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Peaches, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Peaches, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Angela Hughes Zokan

Peaches, by Angela Hughes Zokan

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What's On Your Plate? 

A series by local South Carolina Artist, Angela Hughes Zokan


12"X12", Acrylic on Canvas

My first job out of college was an art education position in the small town of Gilbert, SC. The people that I worked with quickly became like family and all of those 800+ students taught me more than I could have imagined. This small town is known for peaches and most importantly the Peach Festival. They celebrate all things peach and America! As I was creating this piece, I couldn’t help but recollect all of the peach memorabilia around the school…art contests for the kids celebrating peaches and America and getting out on those last days of school and driving to the peach stand before heading back to the “city.” All of the people (old and young, here and not) that helped shape me into an artist, educator and person today. I am so grateful for those formative years developing as an educator and young adult with such a positive group at my side. 

Ps. That beautiful plate and lavender linens can also be purchased at McIntosh. I am having the best time painting those plates!

About the Collection: A Note From the Artist

The most precious memories and conversations happen around the table with a meal, a melted popsicle or a couple of slices of leftover bacon in the toaster oven. Hey, when you know you know! These meals do not have to be over the top (although I do love a gourmet dish), but oftentimes are the simplest, with the most significance.  

I find that more and more I draw connections to people through different foods, flavors, and scents. When I prepare a meal, snack, or even beverage for myself or my family I am reminded of who I shared these with in the past. These memories have become more and more precious as people I have loved, respected, and cherished have moved on…or even started to grow up.

This series of paintings may seem simple, or reminiscent of pop art ideals; but, for me, they focus more on connections. Connections to people, cultures, seasons, experiences and keeping this in the forefront of my thoughts. This “plate” series will be released every Friday for the next couple of months through McIntosh Cottage Antiques.

Part 4: Summer's Bounty

This is the final installation of the “What’s on your plate?” series… for now. These plates are filled with local fruits and vegetables arranged on the most beautiful McIntosh Antiques and Gifts plates and fabrics. These next pieces will incorporate the best that summer has to offer and what you will find on my plates most nights of summer. 

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