Floral Cocktails
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Floral Cocktails

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Floral Cocktails

40 Fragrant and Flavourful Flower-Powered Drinks
Lottie Muir
Delight your senses with this bountiful collection of 40 recipes for floral-flavored cocktails.

No longer the reserve of the cocktail garnish, flowers are taking center stage in the most delectable drinks. From a subtle rose petal vodka to a heady honeysuckle syrup, adding a floral liqueur, essence, or syrup to a cocktail adds a depth of flavor and complexity which will dazzle and delight. Lottie Muir, creator of The Midnight Apothecary pop-up cocktail bar, set in a roof garden in London, UK, has created over 40 ways to include edible blooms in drinks. Recipes include a Gorse Collins with a beautiful, delicate almond, and honey flavor and a Berried Treasure, inspired by a French 75, using Elderflower Liqueur to provide sweetness mixed with gin, lemon juice, and Champagne. From a sparkling Lavender Gin Fizz to a Hibiscus Mojito there’s a glorious cocktail for all budding mixologists!

About the contributor(s):

Lottie Muir is a gardener by day, and a botanical-cocktail mixologist by night, at work in the rooftop garden of the Brunel Museum in London. Her work has featured in Vogue magazine, and Midnight Apothecary was chosen as one of the top three rooftop bars in London by TNT magazine. She is the author of Wild Cocktails from the Midnight Apothecary and Wild Mocktails and Healthy Cocktails.

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