Containers in the Garden
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Containers in the Garden

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Containers in the Garden

Claus Dalby

Beauty, charm, and simplicity are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian planting techniques featured in Containers in the Garden.

Celebrity gardener and Danish floral designer Claus Dalby shares his signature container gardening style in this gorgeously illustrated book. His distinctive use of a single plant species in each pot, with dozens of planted pots collected together, creates elegant and eye-catching garden displays. Partnered with an abundance of textures and often a monochromatic color palette, Claus’s container gardens change with the seasons. By combining flower and foliage colors with beautiful pottery and layered displays, the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

The breathtaking photography found within, coupled with Claus’s descriptive and personal text, features:

• Early season container plantings of tulips, primroses, narcissus, and other spring-flowering beauties
• Lush summer pots, overflowing with dahlias, roses, hydrangea, and foxgloves
• Colorful and textural foliage-only containers to add structure and interest to the collection
• Unusual container plants such as spikemosses, wintergreen, oxalises, and even edible plants
• Tropical beauties bring a summer explosion, including cannas, Brugmansia, and hibiscus
• Autumnal fireworks of bronze, gold, and rust round out the seasonal display

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