Cena, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Cena, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Cena, by Angela Hughes Zokan
Angela Hughes Zokan

Cena, by Angela Hughes Zokan

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What's On Your Plate? 

A series by local South Carolina Artist, Angela Hughes Zokan

12”X12”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2023

Part 1: Italia Comida, Piece II: Cena, Seafood Risotto 

Being on the coast we had to indulge a little (a lot) on the seafood. Now, first off I am not typically a fan of eating anything where I can see the eyes… because ewww! But when in Sorrento, right? We decided to try something different, and I am so glad that we did! The waiter rolled out this giant dish of buttery garlic filled seafood risotto! He was so careful to separate it between us and placed everything on the dish to make it look like art. Clearly it looked so good that I had to photograph it before I devoured it.

About the Collection: A Note From the Artist

The most precious memories and conversations happen around the table with a meal, a melted popsicle or a couple of slices of leftover bacon in the toaster oven. Hey, when you know you know! These meals do not have to be over the top (although I do love a gourmet dish), but oftentimes are the simplest, with the most significance.  

I find that more and more I draw connections to people through different foods, flavors, and scents. When I prepare a meal, snack, or even beverage for myself or my family I am reminded of who I shared these with in the past. These memories have become more and more precious as people I have loved, respected, and cherished have moved on…or even started to grow up.

This series of paintings may seem simple, or reminiscent of pop art ideals; but, for me, they focus more on connections. Connections to people, cultures, seasons, experiences and keeping this in the forefront of my thoughts. This “plate” series will be released every Friday for the next couple of months through McIntosh Cottage Antiques.

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